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 Cracking Down On Fake Temporary License Plates

 Cracking Down On Fake Temporary License Plates

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by: TownHubAdmin Active Indicator LED Icon Site Admin  OP  New Member
~ 2 weeks, 4 days ago    
Cracking Down On Fake Temporary License Plates
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As part of the Harris County Toll Road Authority - HCTRA's ongoing “Tag You’re It” fictitious temporary tag enforcement campaign, Precinct 5 deputies stopped a vehicle on the tollway system on May 3rd for operating a motor vehicle with a fictitious temporary tag. An investigation into the origin of the fictitious plate led to charges being filed against Moshood Ideyemi, the owner of Mosh H Town Auto Dealer.
After being pulled over the driver provided proof to toll road deputies that he had paid cash for the vehicle and had not received a title or permanent plates but was being provided multiple temporary tags which is a violation of state law.
Ideyemi was interviewed and unable to provide the proper paperwork showing why the title and permanent plates were not in his possession to give to the buyer of the vehicle. Ideyemi told deputies he believed he was able to print multiple temporary tags to vehicles while waiting on titles.
The Harris County District Attorney’s Office accepted charges of tampering with a government document which carries a maximum penalty of a third-degree felony on the dealership owner.
After the warrant was issued, Ideyemi was taken into custody. Texas DMV was also notified of the dealership title and registration violations.
Their ongoing enforcement campaign will continue to target not only individuals using fake plates, but also the dealerships that continue to sell and issue fictitious temporary tags. #constabletedheap #yourconstable
Connect with Precinct 5 here:
Facebook: Ted Heap, Harris County Constable Precinct 5
Instagram: Ted.Heap.Constable
Twitter: @HCpct5
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Fiona Active Indicator LED Icon 3
~ 2 weeks, 4 days ago    
Another crack down!! Great job on these individuals that commit these crimes!
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sugu Active Indicator LED Icon 4 ★App
~ 2 weeks, 3 days ago    
So many paper tags!! Most are out of date.
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