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Scam Alert: Grandkid Scams

Scam Alert: Grandkid Scams

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by: TownHubAdmin Active Indicator LED Icon Site Admin  OP  New Member
~ 3 weeks, 0 days ago    
Scam Alert: Grandkid Scams
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Grandchildren scams are becoming increasingly common in the United States. In a grandkid scam, a con artist will call or email a senior citizen pretending to be their grandchild in distress, typically claiming to be in jail or in need of funds for medical bills. To make this scam more convincing, the scammer may even research the grandparent's personal information such as the grandchild's name and even their hometown.
It's important to remember that any legitimate grandchild in distress would never ask for money directly and would likely go to their parent or guardian first. If you receive a call or email claiming to be your grandchild in distress, take a few moments to confirm the identity of the caller or sender before taking any action. Additionally, if you know anyone who may be vulnerable to this type of scam, make sure to spread awareness and help protect them from becoming a victim. #constabletedheap #yourconstable
Constable Ted Heap has the following suggestions for senior citizens to protect themselves from these scams:
• Stop. Check it out. Look up your grandkid’s phone number yourself, or call another family member.
• Pass this information on to a friend. You may not have gotten one of these calls, but chances are you know someone who will get one — if they haven’t already.
• Ask questions. If the caller claims to be your grandchild, ask questions that only they would know the answer to, such as a pet’s name or the name of a family member.
• Set up a code word. Ask your grandkids to create a code word with you that they must use in any future calls or emails.
• Don't respond to pressure. Scammers often push for a quick response and may even threaten legal action if you don't comply. Don't be fooled.
• Report any grandkid scams to the authorities.
Connect with Precinct 5 here:
Facebook: Ted Heap, Harris County Constable Precinct 5
Instagram: Ted.Heap.Constable
Twitter: @HCpct5
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Fiona Active Indicator LED Icon 3
~ 3 weeks, 0 days ago    
This is horrible and it happens. It is so sad that people can take advantage of the elderly.
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sugu Active Indicator LED Icon 3
~ 3 weeks, 0 days ago    
Makes good sense.
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AJ Active Indicator LED Icon 3
~ 2 weeks, 7 days ago    
Sad that the elderly are targeted.
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BowsKaty Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 2 weeks, 6 days ago    
I got one of those as an email.
Someone claiming to be someone I actually know. I think it was someone who got a group email distribution list and picked two names--one to send to and one to claim to be. Of course since I really did know the person, I was immediately suspicious. I've forgotten most of the details, but he "was out of town" and needed to get something for his sick niece. (Too much, right?) I was supposed to prepay a gift card online and he'd reimburse me when got back in town. The sender specifically said that he would be unavailable by phone (in case I decided to call).
Of course, I called him to tell him what was going on. He was shocked.
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