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Suspected Human Trafficker Arrested

Suspected Human Trafficker Arrested

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by: TownHubAdmin Active Indicator LED Icon Site Admin  OP  New Member
~ 2 mos, 13 days ago   Nov 23, '22 11:12am  
Suspected Human Trafficker Arrested
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Deputies from Constable Ted Heap's Office recently arrested a man suspected of human trafficking in Northwest Houston.
In the early morning hours of November 18, deputies responded to a 9-1-1 call from a home in the 12900 block of Fern Mill Ct.
Deputies found two women, 23 and 24, on the scene with multiple bruises. One of them told deputies the two were forced to work as strippers and prostitutes, turning their money over to their pimp, Jeremy Jamar Jones.
Jones, 30, was arrested and currently faces felony charges of continuous family violence and compelling prostitution. Both victims have been provided medical care as well as services to help them put this dangerous situation in their past. #constabletedheap #yourconstable
Connect with Precinct 5 here:
Facebook: Ted Heap, Harris County Constable Precinct 5
Instagram: Ted.Heap.Constable
Twitter: @HCpct5
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sugu Active Indicator LED Icon 3 ★App
~ 2 mos, 13 days ago   Nov 23, '22 12:17pm  
Good! 👍
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AJ Active Indicator LED Icon 2
~ 2 mos, 12 days ago   Nov 25, '22 8:32am  
Thank you Precinct 5!!!
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