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Katy Family Suing HOA After Son Drowned In Community Pool

Katy Family Suing HOA After Son Drowned In Community Pool

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Author Photo by: KatyDotCom Active Indicator LED Icon Site Admin
~ 3 mos, 19 days ago   Jul 03 2019, 11:46am 
The family of 6-year-old Ga Ram Kang has filed a lawsuit against King Crossing by Pulte Homes community association for their alleged responsibility in his drowning death.
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Kang's mom took him to the opening day of the community pool back on May 5. At some point, he was seen unresponsive in the water. A lifeguard went in to get him, but it was too late for lifesaving efforts.
His family is now suing the lifeguard and the HOA and builder for negligence.
Read more at www.click2houston.co m/news/family-sues-f or-1-million-after-s on-drowns-at-co
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Author Photo tinagy Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 3 mos, 19 days ago   Jul 03 2019, 1:20pm 
my heart goes out to this family on their loss. unfortunately, most lifeguards are teenagers who get the job for the summer. they are trained and certified, but if your child is this small, they should either be in the 'kiddie pool' or perhaps, even be watched diligently by a parent or guardian. Children cannot be left unattended in a swimming pool environment. Katy alone has already had 3 drownings since May.
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Author Photo Tblanton Active Indicator LED Icon New Member
~ 3 mos, 17 days ago   Jul 05 2019, 11:40am 
I'm sorry the child drowned but too many parents are expecting other people to be responsible for their children. How is it the mom didn't have eyes on her child at all times. As previously stated, the lifeguards are children themselves and can be distracted or just plain overwhelmed by the number of people in the pool.
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Author Photo DOusley Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 3 mos, 17 days ago   Jul 05 2019, 12:11pm 
I am saddened by the death of this poor child - but agree with all the prior statements, Parents please watch your children. I have a 7 year old granddaughter that can swim but would never think of taking my eyes of of her for one second. I don't understand how a builder could be negligent.
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Author Photo Nettye Active Indicator LED Icon New Member
~ 3 mos, 17 days ago   Jul 05 2019, 12:41pm 
My heart goes out to this family for the loss of their precious child. There is always so much anger associated with grief. Introducing lawsuits is just rubbing salt into their own wound and is going to cause them even further pain.
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Author Photo AggieT Active Indicator LED Icon
~ 3 mos, 12 days ago   Jul 10 2019, 11:20am 
These poor children went thru my mind while we took my grands to the pool this weekend. But we had 3 adults watching 2 kids (1 can swim). And we rotated being in the pool with them while 1 adult took a break. Having said that, kids can be fast. Last year the 5 year old went down the big slide without an adult on that end of the pool. We all started running and luckily her daddy who is 6'3" was in the pool by the time she hit the pool. She got put in time out for that. We do drill into her not to go down the slide without telling us. So far we've been lucky. I just pray for those families who have lost their loved ones. And like posted before, the teenagers are kids too. I'm sure they will never get over this either.
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